6 August 2013

It's Official!

Well, we have been thinking about it for a while now, and today was the day. I gave my notice to work that I will be returning in September! Palmer will be 7 1/2 months old when I go back to work. I'm sure some people are thinking "What the heck? You can take a whole year off and you're going back early???" or that I am crazy. Maybe I am? 

Honestly though, I am ready to go back. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with Palmer, but I am finding the days to really start to drag on. I'm finding it hard to find new things to do with Palmer. To all those stay-at-home moms; I really respect what you do! I truly could never do that! It is definitely nice to have time off, but I think it will be equally as nice to return to work. I really do like my job as a nurse (most days) and love my job as a mom, but part of my job as a mom is providing for Palmer, and that's what I will be doing in going back to work. I'm returning to my full-time day/night rotation. It's a really good rotation - if I have to be full time, this is the one I'd pick! It gives me free evenings every single day. It's mostly days (vs mostly nights) which is perfect! I think it will be a really good transition back into work while still giving me lots of evening time with Palmer and Mitch. I'm looking forward to having my routine back. Obviously right now I have a routine that follows Palmer's needs. I'm ready to find the happy medium between focusing the majority of my time on Palmer and the return to adulthood, with working, fitness, etc.

The plan right now is for Mitchell to take the remaining part of the year off. It will give Mitch a break from his crazy work schedule that he's been doing since Palmer was born and it will give them such amazing bonding time. It will be so good for both of them, for sure! With me going back to work, there is obviously no one I'd rather be with Palmer than her daddy! Palmer is getting to the age now where she is a lot more interactive and is able to sit and play. Soon she will be crawling, then walking and talking. I think this will be a great time for the both of them, especially to spend together!

We (fingers crossed) do have a day home lined up if Mitch continues working. I met with this lady a few months ago and I really liked her. She was so good with Palmer and the other children at her home. I felt really good when I left her house after the interview. It felt like a place that, if we were to leave Palmer there, I wouldn't have to worry at all, and I think that is so so important! I'd hate to be at work, worrying about who is caring for my child! She seemed so nurturing. We had the same views on things. It really seemed like the perfect fit if neither Mitchell nor I was with Palmer. I have heard from many moms that finding a great day home is a struggle. I'm hoping we lucked out and found a great one.

Now, the only question on my mind is, which is better? To stick with a great rotation, on a floor that i'm content with, that allows me a ton of quality family time? Or try to get into the ER (which I would LOVE), working 10 or 12 hour shifts (meaning less Palmer time, or none at all on some days, but more days off)??

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  1. Just found your blog via Nancys! I would probably choose the schedule where you can see him more... at least at first. Then I am guessing you could always switch to the ER! That way you can decide which is better! I know once I went back to work I'd only get to see him from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. For me, that was rough because I only got 12 weeks off and was not ready to leave my baby! I can see after 7.5 months you are ready to go back to work though!! Good for you!

    1. Hi Shannon! Thanks for stopping by! Going back to work will definitely be an adjustment but it'll be good to get into a normal routine!