14 August 2013

Positional Plagiocephaly: Part II

I first wrote about Palmer's Positional Plagiocephaly here. Since then, we have been to see a Cranio-sacral therapist, Lethbridge Orthotics re: helmets and the Cranio-facial specialist at Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary (read about it here). I have to say, her plagio use to weigh heavily on my mind. I was always concerned about it, making sure she wasn't lying on her flat spot, worried about her overnight sleeping on it for 12+ hours. Until today, when Lethbridge Orthotics called for a follow-up phone call, I hadn't really thought about it in quite some time.

Now that Palmer is moving all over the place, sleeping in several different positions during the night, I don't find myself concerned about her head at all near as much. I mean, the girl doesn't stay still for longer than 3 seconds! In fact, I hardly even notice her head shape anymore. Yes, it is still flat. Yes, I want it to look better, but I can honestly say, I haven't been thinking about it much at all. 

We have a healthy, beautiful, quickly growing little girl. Like the specialist said to me in Calgary, if having a flat head is the worst that happens to Palmer during her life, we can count ourselves pretty lucky!

As you can see, it is getting marginally better. The lines are exactly the same (copied and pasted from one picture to the other). You can see in the July picture, that the angle of the flatness has lessened since June.
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  1. It's definitely improved! And I like that perspective - that if it's the worst thing to happen to her, you can count yourselves lucky. Glad that you're able to have a little peace about it. :)