8 July 2014

When Grandma Visits!

Palmer had the pleasure of having Grandma watch her during the day last week while Mitch and I were at work since our day home lady was on vacation. We have Mitchell's parents in town here, which works for a day or a sleepover when needed, but with them still working, covering a whole week isn't doable. Its such a huge peace of mind knowing that my mom is able to make the 4 hour drive here when we need her, and of course, she loves any opportunity she has to come see Palmer. 
Canada Day at Henderson Park

Making Bubbles in the yard

Timmy's treats

Reading stories
At the library

Making crafts (There is a Mommy, Daddy,. Palmer, Leaf, and Mr. Elephant)

The two of them did all kinds of fun things together. Making crafts to going to the spray park. Enjoying Timmy's treats to blowing bubbles.

Aren't Grandparents the greatest??
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