15 July 2014

Her Favorite Books

Its no secret, Palmer loves books. She has a whole pile of books, but there are a few that she tends to gravitate towards more regularly than others. I buy her more books in the hopes that she will start to find new favorites (mostly because I get tired of reading the same ones over and over again).

Some All of her favorites are falling apart at; covers torn off, chew marks in the corners, pages hanging on with tape. Yet, she's still drawn to these ones.

The stories aren't that great to us, but to her, they must be magical. Maybe they are the first books she remembers us reading to her, or maybe she likes the pictures. Whatever her reason is, she loves them (and I try to love them, for her.)

I always knew that reading is important for children's learning and development. I'm sure there are studies out there too that prove reading to you children makes them smarter. But since becoming a mother, reading to Palmer is all about the snuggles and interaction time with the added benefits of brain stimulation and growth. It began as us reading to baby Palmer so she could simply hear our voices, to reading before bedtime as part of our routine. And now, it encompasses all that and more. We read together and she is mesmerized by the pictures, pointing out the "daaw" (dog) or the "baa" (ball), to opening the flaps to see whats under neath, to doing the actions to her favorite songs (like beeping our nose when the horn on the bus goes beep beep beep, or making her fingers the itsy bitsy spider, or rowing her boat gently down the stream).

I love our story time. And as you can tell by the state of her books, Palmer loves our story times. I'm always on the hunt for another great read.

What are some of your favorite children's book? Do your kids have favorite books too? What are some of their favorite stories?

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