17 July 2014

Oh Hey Friday #2

//one// On Monday, our sweet little Palmer is 18 months old! This time has gone by so fast, yet it seems like she has been a part of our family forever! She is a little firecracker! We went out to take a few photos for her 18 month shoot and we nearly got eaten alive by all the mosquitos. I was only able to take about 8 pictures before we ran full speed back to the SUV to take cover, but I am super happy with all the photos I managed to take. Stay tuned to check them all out Monday; for now here is a sneak peek!

//two// I've been itching to get away somewhere lately. It doesn't need to be far, just somewhere to do something and see something different. I made this list of summer activities I want to do, so maybe one of these days, we can go to some of these places. The trick is, that Mitchell works until 5 or 6 on Friday's so getting away to any place farther than a couple hours is not really an option; although I'd love to be on a beach somewhere anywhere enjoying a summer cocktail. Doesn't this look like a great way to enjoy summer?

//three// I HATE when my SD card for my camera is full when I'm trying to take photos. I have this huge paranoia though, that if I delete them off the card, even thought they are uploaded to my computer (which I fear may crash any day), my photos will be gone. What do you all do? Delete them from your cards? Or buy new cards? I really want to just get a new card, but I know this isn't the logical solution to my dilemma!

//four// I am loving summer foods - all the fresh fruits and veggies. Summer is definitely a time when I don't like to cook. We mostly to BBQ'ing and fresh foods that don't heat up the house. Besides, I couldn't be bothered standing over the stove cooking; I'd much rather be outside enjoying these few short months of hot weather we get around here! Do you have any great summer recipes? I'm always looking for something new!!!

//five// I'm really looking forward to having the weekend off; yes I've had the whole week off, but hubby has been working so it's better on the weekends! My work rotation falls so that I work two weekends then have two off. I always look forward to these ones off (obviously) and love just relaxing around the house, enjoying the outdoors, and getting in some quality family time.

Thanks to these lovely ladies Karli//September Farm and Amy//The Farmer's Wife, for hosting the new Friday link-up!

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