22 July 2014

What's Your Rainbow?

I love that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Tonight, I was out for a beautiful bike ride with me favorite fur baby. It was a gorgeous evening. I was taking in the scenery around me when I looked to the right and saw the tail end of a rainbow.

It got me thinking; there is often a rainbow after the rain.

There is often something beautiful after the storm.
 The storm doesn't have to be big. It doesn't have to be damaging.

Everyone's storms are different and sometimes finding the rainbow at the end may be hard, but its there.

Whether is a lesson learned.
Days off after a long work week.
Pushing through an extra hard run.
Or something bigger.

As a wife, mama, and nurse, I see many storms. Many struggles. And although the outcomes may be difficult to deal with at the time, and the silver lining may be difficult to see, its there.

Find the brighter side to the problem you are facing.

What's your rainbow??

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