24 July 2014

Oh Hey, Friday {3}

This is easily one of my favorite posts each week, so, back with another Oh Hey, Friday...

one |  This week was an extra long, exhausting week at work. Every day seemed to be never ending.

I'm glad I have 3 days off after today!!!

two | I have been working on trying to get the best 5km time I can. I find this is a better way of challenging myself while running than anything else. I am planning a 10km race for September, so I know I will have to start running some longer distances soon, but for now, this is what I have time for and its working. I've been using my Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer pre-runs. Have you tried it? Check out my review here.

three | I've just been hearing now that there is a petting zoo close by. I HAD NO CLUE! Palmer would LOVE going to the petting zoo. I'm thinking Monday, after her 18 month immunizations, we will get a treat and head out to see some animals!!! I know she will have a great time.
four | Remember my last Oh Hey Friday post when I talked about being worried my computer was going to crash? Well, guess what happened. IT CRASHED! I didn't even get a chance to back up the files I wanted. I thought about it Friday night and thought "Oh, I'll just do it tomorrow." Oops. Wrong decision!
I dropped it off Tuesday in hopes of getting my files back, if not fixed. Cross your fingers!

five | I'm on the hunt for some new summer recipes. We eat the same old boring things and when it comes to summer, BBQ'ing and fresh salads are the way to go for sure! None of this heating up the house with the stove. You have any favorites???

Thanks to these lovely ladies Karli//September Farm and Amy//The Farmer's Wife, for hosting the new Friday link-up!

And Rebecca// xoxo Rebecca
Also linking up with Lauren//The Lauren Elizabeth

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