27 July 2014

Currently {2}

Tuesday I am doing a guest post over at Ashley's blog// Life on the Parson's Farm. She has been doing this great little series, Toddler Tuesday's. Go check it out for lots of great toddler tips, tricks, and adorableness!!!


// thinking about // How great our weekend was! We had a lot of great, much needed family time doing lots of fun summer things.
Saturday morning we went for coffee and headed over to the Farmer's Market. I always love going there - fresh produce is the best! We headed over to Broxburn Cafe for a bit. We were hoping to pick some berries but there were slim pickin's so we will head back in August. So we played on the giant slide and had lunch instead.
Sunday morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast (made by hubby). We spent the afternoon playing outside. I love summer. And I love spending days off with Mitch and Palmer.

sour lemon face

// thinking about  // How much I love having weekends off. It's the only time we get to spend full days together as a family and I can't get enough of them. I have to work the next two weekends, so it seems like forever before we get a weekend as a family again.

// thinking about  // How our little Palmer is growing up so fast. She is becoming quite the little character. Her own little personality is certainly shining. Like this morning, she came around the corner with her winter hat on. It's 27 degrees today. She makes these little giggles like she knows it's silly Love her!!!

// thankful for // the fact that I didn't lose all the photos I thought I did last week when our computer crashed. They weren't able to get any files from the computer, but thankfully, I did a back up of important things and all our photos at the end of May, and I hadn't deleted any of the photos off the camera card since then!! So, I only lost some of my edited photos, but I have ALL the originals!!! And I was able to save a majority of my favorite edited pics off the blog, like this one, one of my favorites!!! I'm so happy!

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