21 July 2014

Where Did Our Baby Go?

We have reached that number where we start to wonder, do we say she is 18 months? 1.5 years old? Almost 2?
I am truthfully amazed at how fast this time has gone by. 18 months, in the blink of an eye. Our little baby is an independent little toddler. Palmer has become the sweetest little girl. She loves to give hugs and kisses and will wave to your for 5 minutes before its time to leave.

And let me tell you, this girl has sass! The way she says "no" with such attitude; we may be in for trouble!

Palmer has been successful in using the potty several times. There was even a day she used it 3 times! I am in no rush to get her trained, but she is showing interest so we are just going along with it.

Palmer is always talking and using her words to (try to) let us know what she's thinking. For the most part we have it figured out, but there are definitely times where frustrations rev high for both Palmer and Mitch and I when she just cannot communicate what it is she wants. Cue tantrums. Tantrums or not, our house is only quiet during naps and bedtime.

Palmer can put together her little wooden puzzles and match the shapes for her blocks in the box. She plays pretend with her new little tea set, and has to feed everyone around her imaginary food. Palmer knows a number of animal sounds and can easily point out different animals and objects in our books. She can easily point our mama, daddy, Leaf, and both set of grandparents as well as various other little friends.

Palmer continues to be a great little sleeper. We never really had any issues in the department, other than those times of teething. She will typically go down between 8-9:30 and sleep though the night until about 8 unless we have to wake her to go to the day home.  She has one long afternoon nap, which is great for mom and dad - it gives us a moment of quiet and time to tidy up before the little tornado is at it again.

Palmer is wearing mostly size 24 months/2T clothing and we just bumped up to size 4 diapers. Her shoes are now a size 5 or 6 and she is quickly outgrowing these too!

Our little nugget will eat pretty much everything we put in front of her with the exception of potatoes of any kind (except french fries) and peaches. Odd, I know, but I've always said, if that's the worst of it, I'm definitely OK with that. She will eat nearly all the same meals we do which is so fantastic. Much less work!

I can't believe in a short 6 months, our sweet little Palmer will be 2!


Palmer, our sweet, funny, spunky little girl; you light up our lives. You make us laugh (and occasionally cry). You make our days so much brighter. Your Daddy and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little girl to add to our family. We love you so much!

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