10 July 2014

Oh Hey, Friday

Thanks to these lovely ladies Karli//September Farm and Amy//The Farmer's Wife, I'm linking up my 5 thoughts for Friday:

//one// We are absolutely LOVING this hot weather we've been having. Yesterday it was 33 degrees outside (that's 90+ degress for all my American friends). All week it's been beautiful outside, and Palmer and I were able to enjoy a ton of time outdoors. We played at the spray park with Tawnya and S. We made it to the park a couple days. We played on the deck and with the water table. It's been great.

//two//  I have made it my goal, for the rest of the month, to run 15 km/week. I don't think this is unreasonable at all. I think of it as three 5km runs/week, which is completely, 100% doable! I have been really lacking in the fitness department as of late, and running is the cheapest and most accessible activity. Plus, with the weather being so nice, its a great excuse to get outside and get the dog out for a walk.

//three//  We have another great dresser to re-do! My mom picked us up a short, long (haha does that make sense??), 9 drawer dresser and I plan to use it for Palmer's bedroom. I just have to find the perfect color to paint it. I don't want to use the same color chalk paint we used for ours (see first one here). I'm thinking a cream color or something with a hint of purple? I'm leaning more towards a color like this cream/neutral.

//four// I'm working on my "Summer Must-Haves for the Toddler" post; a sneak peek of what I'm loving:

//five// Palmer has been sleeping over at Nan and "ampas" house for the past couple nights. We are lucky to have grandparents close enough to watch Palmer when we need. We had my mom here last week to watch Palmer for us (read it here), and this week, with me working nights and Mitch having to start work at 6am, Palmer sleeping at the in-laws is the only way it works since I don't get home from work until 7:30.

Heading out the door for the first night sleepover

And Rebecca// xoxo Rebecca
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