29 June 2014

You know those days?

You know those days when you've just had enough?
Enough of the toilet paper roll being unraveled.
Enough of the food purposely being thrown on the floor.
Enough of the meltdowns and crying.
The kind of day when you start nap time early just so you can have a peaceful minute to yourself.

C'mon mamas, we've all had those days.

Now, don't get me wrong. We usually have really great days, but I have to say, yesterday was not one of them. It's probably partly me and partly her, but wow, was it ever getting to me today.

I was trying to fold laundry, and she helped to unfold every item.
I was trying to read her a story, and she was kicking me in the face.
I was trying to eat lunch, and she was throwing hers at me and the floor.

It was that kind of morning.

But, last night, Palmer had a sleepover at Nan and Grandpa's house while Mitch and I headed out for a much needed date (aka beers and grown up talk).

And this morning, I'm going to start my day off with a nice breakfast and cup of coffee, solo, as Palmer is still at Nan and Grandpa's and Mitch has headed to Montana for golf. Then, I'm planning on heading out for a run with my best dog. Check out Becky//The Bex Factor later for my #sundayrunday recap!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!-

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