20 June 2014

My Favorite Things Friday

|| one || Spring flowers! I love that all the flowers and tress are in full bloom these days! I love the pretty colours. We have one spot in our backyard where the grass is not growing particularly well and I have been trying to think of the perfect solution - I'm thinking a lilac bush. I think lilacs are so pretty (and low maintenance! Just my style!!)

|| two || I am loving my new playlist right now. I always love adding new music to my phone. I listen to it in the SUV, on my runs, around the house. I'm loving the up-tempo songs I have right now - great for running!

|| three || Top knot headbands! Palmer first got one when my lovely friend Tawnya made one for her. It was the only headband Palmer would keep on her head for longer than 17 seconds after having worn her helmet for months (you can read that here). Just recently we got some from Urban Cowgirl Designs, and I love these ones too! And they come in so many cute patterns!

|| four || Our "new" dresser. I had been wanting to do something with our master bedroom since we moved into our house in December 2012. We just recently began adding decor to it. We redid this dresser and I love it. It was super simple too. All it took was a quick wipe down with water, some chalk paint in our desired color, and a brush. One coat. That simple. Then we spray painted the handles with silver, but let some of the old show through. I love it. I had originally thought i wanted to buy new hardware, but I am really happy with how this turned out! Exactly the one piece our room was in need of. Now we just need to make a trip to Ikea to pick up a few accessories!
This isn't the same exact dresser before, I forgot to take the picture, but this is from the matching set. And it's hard to tell, but the paint we picked has a blue tint to it! 
|| five || Honesty. I have had some time to think about something over the past week, and I have to say, even though honesty can hurt at the time, it really truly makes things better as it allows you to make an informed decision. I had a "misunderstanding" with a friend recently and after being completely honest with each other, things are much better. Being honest lets the other person know exactly whats going on and how you are feeling. And, like I said, although it may be difficult to understand at the time, it is usually best for everyone, and allows you to grow and learn.
Joining the fine ladies for another week of Five on Friday! Darci// The Good Life, April//A Liz Adventures, Natasha//Hello Happiness and Christina//Carolina Charm

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