26 June 2014


Finding time for play-dates is difficult for us. With the majority of my friends being shift-workers too, and me being full time, I find it is hard to arrange a time to meet up.

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to be able to be outside enjoying the hot sun while having a play date with two sweet girls and their mamas (both of which also do shift work). These girls are just the cutest together! I'm hoping there will be many more outdoor summer fun with these ladies.

(Photos courtesy of Tawnya)

Today, while its not so hot out; in fact, its raining again today, we were able to get a morning indoor play-date in with another friend of ours. It would have been nice to be able to get outside, but I know there will be many more chances for that this summer!

I find that with Palmer going to the day home most days, she is very easy going. She knows how to share and play with other kids. She's not too shy and warms up to people quite quickly. I think interaction with the other kids there has had a huge impact on her. Its' nice that she has interaction with kids of various ages and I find Palmer plays so well with other kids (except yesterday when she pushed Little S! Sorry! ). allowing Palmer to be social with other children will help her so much as she grows. It's so important for kids to interact with other kids, that's why I'm grateful for the little friends Palmer has. Although getting together and making plans can be challenging at times, the outcome is so worth it. Watching Palmer play with her little girlfriends (and the handful of boyfriends) just melts my heart!!!

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