12 June 2014

The Dreaded Vegetables

I am once again joining up with the ladies for the One Year and Beyond Series, with this weeks topic: Getting your child to eat veggies.

I have to say, Palmer is a pretty good eater. There isn't too much that we put in front of her that she won't eat. Oddly enough, this girl won't eat potatoes (in any form other than fries).  Not roasted. Not mashed. Not even in her favorite soup. But, heck, if that's the only thing she wont eat, I think we can count ourselves pretty lucky!!!

As far as the veggies, Palmer is usually pretty good about eating them.
Peas are her favorite, hands down!
She enjoys steamed broccoli.
She loves a good helping of cucumber too.
And sweet potatoes are always a hit!

We don't have to do too much with hiding her veggies at all, but, for the mama's struggling out there with having your kids eat veggies, one way I found that Palmer really enjoys her veggies is in soup. Put some minestrone soup down in front of her, and everything (but the potatoes) is gone!

Another idea is to chop up your veggies into your pasta sauce! I mean, c'mon, what little kid doesn't love spaghetti? Clearly mine does! We often do peppers and onions into our sauce, but you could definitely add many others; grated carrots, zucchini, etc. And it doesn't stop at pasta sauce...

We cut veggies into our homemade hamburgers, meatballs, mixed in our eggs. 

Like I said, I think Mitch and I can count ourselves lucky that we got such a good, messy
little eater.

Joining the ladies for the One Year and Beyond Series!
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