21 June 2014

Fit Kids Run: June 21, 2014

Palmer was invited to join a bunch of other kids for a mini race today. It all started because there was suppose to be an actual race for the kids today that ended up being postponed due to all the rain and flooding we recently got, so some of the girls decided to organize one of their own. Palmer wasn't actually signed up for the "real" race, but we were sure excited to be a part of this one!

Now, I kind of knew going into it that Palmer would get distracted by the stones on the path, the grass, dogs, the other kids, and anything else that may have gone by on her "run", but I could tell she liked being around all the other kids.

All the kids were given a race bib and a cute little homemade medal at the end, followed by snacks and juice. I think this was everyone's favorite part!

Palmer was already distracted by something and didn't want to line up with the other kids!

She had to wave to all the other kids passing her by as they hit the turnaround point!
Love that London waved to the camera as he went by! 
Sweet Little Scarlett with her mom and dad!
 Palmer was last, but that's not what matters, right? Of course, she stopped about 30 feet away from the finish line to play in the stones. But, we came into the end with everyone cheering Palmer (and Mr. Elephant) on! Very exciting!

Thanks girls, for a lovely morning!

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