11 June 2014


I had a different post planned for today, but I decided that it could wait (I've actually been sitting on it since January!).

I have seen/read/heard a lot of things through social media lately, and it gets me wondering; when did our society turn into this? When did our society turn into a social media crazed place? Where parents at the park aren't watching their kids go down the slides, rather waiting for the latest Twitter tweet. Where we are too busy getting updated on the latest Facebook news to enjoy reading a book with our child. Where we are too busy getting that photo just right for instagram to enjoy the outdoors with our kids?

I am guilty of this. 100% I am guilty. There are times throughout the day when I catch myself on my phone far too much, when Palmer is playing independently, but I am not "present." Since when have we put social media on a pedestal that is more important that what is going on right in front of us?

Is it really that important to me that people follow my blog? Is it crucial that I keep up with the instagram feeds? Is it essential that I know what is going on on facebook?


I use to think these things were important, or that getting approval from my instagram followers, facebook friends, or blogging peers was important, but really, why? Is it because society says its important? Is it because over the past decade, we have placed an increasingly intense amount of importance on social media that if we aren't doing it we are "wrong"??

You know what's important to me?


I'm encouraging myself to go offline; disconnect form social media when there are more important things right in front of me. 
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