7 June 2014

Race Recap: Ladiesfest 2014

I ran a race today.

Ladiesfest is a ladies only 8 km race, beginning downtown, running down into the river bottom, then back up the  nearly 1 km hill at the end to finish off back downtown.

My goal for this race was to beat my time in the previous Ladiesfest I ran, which was 45:03. I went in feeling so prepared; I had trained with longer distances than I had for all previous races I've entered.

I was able to start close to the front of the pack, about 2 or 3 rows back, which was an advantage for sure; it didn't leave me having to weave in and out of all the other runners. My first couple of splits were much faster than I had been training.

|| km 1 || 4:37, I think partly attributed to the steep downhill slope.
|| km 2 || 5:01 - still great pace. This is right in line with my everyday fastest splits.
|| km 3 || 5:35 - starting to slow down a bit, but this pace is about normal for me
|| km 4 || 5:49
|| km 5 || 6:02
|| km 6 || 6:18
|| km 7 || 6:16
|| km 8 || 7:53 - attributed to the steep hill at the end

Unfortunately, I didn't make my goal. In my books, I didn't even come close. I finished with a time of 48:15. that is 3 minutes slower than my last one. 3 minutes in running is huge (in this distance anyways). That means that for each km I ran, I was about 30 seconds slower than before!

I ended up finishing 20/62 in my age category and 158/610 overall (I was 88/668 last race!!).

At least I can say I finished another 8 km race!

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