23 June 2014

Positional Plagiocephaly Update: 6 Months Later

When Palmer was just a few months old, we noticed a flat spot had formed on the back of her head. You can read all about it here:

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Since having her helmet off for the past 6 + months, I really haven't even thought about her little head too much anymore! It use to be so visually and mentally prominent. After wearing her helmet, we noticed a big difference. And now that Palmer's hair is growing more, I really don't notice a flat spot at all anymore. You can see it a bit when her hair is wet, but I think with time, it won't be even a little noticeable anymore.

Looking back to the beginning, from noticing the flat spot, realizing how it was formed, and the steps we took to correct it, I wouldn't have changed it. I think we took the best steps necessary to correct the positional plagiocephaly. I wouldn't have wanted to risk not getting the helmet. Although expensive, totally worth it. The amount of money paid was far outweighed by the benefits of shaping her head. Who knows what her head may have looked like if we didn't decide to get it.

Knowing that as Palmer grows older and that we did all we could to correct the issue of having a flat head, she will appreciate our efforts, because like I said, who knows what it may look like had we not tried to fix it!

Like I said, at times, her flat spot is still slightly noticeable to me, but its not even an issue anymore. Soon, her hair will grow, and there won't be any sign of it at all!  

I do have to say though, she was awfully cute in her helmet!!

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