9 December 2014

Making Holiday Memories: Baking Cookies

I have never been one to be much of a baker. Or a cook for that matter. I don't LOVE cooking or baking, but I do love eating! 

Anyways, I can remember baking cookies with my mom when I was younger, helping to pour all the ingredients into the mixing bowl, watching it all blend together. I would help to put the dough onto the pan, and of course, sneak in a bite or two of the cookie dough (obviously the best part!)

I wanted to make these memories with Palmer. 

She was eager to see what we were up to. I had to take the eggs away from her a number of times. That's when Daddy stepped in. As I measured out all the ingredients, Palmer and Mitch added it to the mixer. 

I tried to snap a few photos while making the cookies, but it was one of those moments when you just step back and look at the two people in front of me and think "This is perfect." Something in that moment just made me smile and think about how much I really love them!

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