2 December 2014

Believing in the Magic of Christmas

Christmas is a magical time and I believe that now more than ever. 

Growing up, there was always something so special about the holidays and believing in all the things Christmas brings. There was Santa watching over you all year round, taking note of if you've been naughty or nice. There were all his little elves working hard in the workshops to make toys for girls and boys all over the world. There were Rudolph and the team of reindeer that flew through the Christmas night sky, delivering gifts to all the children. Christmas was magic. 

This year, we introduced Palmer to Chippy, Santa's elf sent from the North Pole to watch over her. We watched the movie with her several times over and we explain to her about Santa and Chippy. This morning she woke up and noticed the Christmas tree where Chippy sat all day yesterday watching her was not where he was today. "Chippy. At you?? At You??" She called out. She hunted around for Chippy and where he was hiding today. There he sat in a stocking hung by the fireplace. "Awwww! Chippy!" she pointed, with a giant smile on her face. My heart filled with joy! Palmer is starting to understand the magic of Christmas. 

This is what I want Palmer to remember. I want her to remember the magic of Christmas. I want her to believe. As we grow, the believing changes and the magic means something different, but it is still there. 

This year, my magic is watching Palmer light up, seeing her eyes sparkle knowing Chippy has once again come to our house. It will be magic, having family around to watch Palmer believing in Santa on Christmas morning, as she glistens with delight at the amazing day ahead of her! I know, hands down, this will be the best Christmas yet. Seeing it through your child's eyes will be magic. 

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