5 December 2014

That Friday Post: Christmas Traditions

I seriously cannot even believe the holidays are right around the corner. Christmas is creeping up so fast and I am not nearly prepared for it!  I am especially excited for this holiday season because Palmer will understand it a little bit more and I cannot wait to see her on Christmas morning with all her gifts from Santa and I just know she will get spoiled!

I want to touch on some family traditions I hope to begin. Since our little family of 3 only began 22 months ago, I want to start some new family traditions this year that I really hope to continue on for years to come!

one | A couple weekends ago, we as a family, set up all the Christmas decorations and trimmed the tree. Palmer didn't quite get it but I know next year she will be excited for it! It's tough when they are still little and don't really understand what is happening. But, nevertheless, we all had fun. Palmer loved pulling out each little ornament and handing it to Mitch or I to hang on the tree. And she was just in awe when we light it up! So cute!  I think there is something so magical about a Christmas tree, and it makes the upcoming holidays seem that much more exciting!

two | Another tradition I hope to carry through with is getting a special little ornament for Palmer (and each child after) every year. Last year we made one for Palmer, using her hand print. It really is so cute. I want to find a special decoration for the tree each year that Palmer can call her own, and even one day, take with her to decorate her own tree with her own family. I think this will end up being something that Palmer will look forward to each year as the Christmas season approaches and I think it would be something really special for Palmer to keep with her as she grows!

three | I know this year we will begin the usual tradition of setting out a snack for Santa and his reindeer before bed, and what better way than with homemade cookies??? I always loved doing this and waking up in the morning, making sure Santa got his snacks and the reindeer ate their carrots and reading the special letter Santa left for us beside the empty plate. I knew they had a very busy night ahead of them and having those snacks were probably just what they needed! I hope Palmer enjoys doing this just as much as I did.

four | I know you have already read about our special little elf, Chippy. Seriously you guys, Palmer wakes up every morning asking about Chippy. I didn't think she would get it, but she does. She hunts around for the little elf, seeing what kind of mischief he has gotten himself into this time. I think this is a cute little tradition to carry on; reminding kids about the magic of Christmas. 

five |  Finally, to round out this post, I want, on each Christmas, to get a family photo. We don't get enough of these and what better time to do it than on Christmas, a time meant to be with family. It is the perfect reason to document our family; during a time full of joy and being with family. 
Christmas 2013

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions???

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