1 December 2014

Welcome December (And Chippy The Elf) With A GIVEAWAY!!!!

Our weekend was pretty low key as I was working nights all week. This means, I attempt to sleep during the day and when I'm not sleeping, I am a lazy bum. This weekend, it was OK though because it was COLD! We had a huge dump of snow and temperatures that were -35 with the windchill. The perfect excuse to stay bundled up inside drinking hot cocoa and watch movies. Well, only one movie to be exact. Over and over and over.

We began watching the Elf on the Shelf movie in hopes that Palmer would start to recognize Santa and the Elves and start to believe in the magic of Christmas. Well, turns out, she loves that movie. We watched it 4 times this weekend and she was still asking for more "moonie" (movie) and to see Chippy (the elf from the movie).

We decided to introduce our Christmas Elf this weekend too.

"Wow! Chippy!"

Chippy joined us Sunday evening. (We decided to stay with the name of Chippy because that is what Palmer knew the elf to be. When we say Chippy, she knows its an elf and remembers about the movie. Maybe next year we will get a new elf from the North Pole, but for ease and continuity, we stuck with Chippy this year.)

Follow our family adventures of Chippy the Elf with #ChippyAtTheLowes2014 

On another note....WOW! December already! Only a couple weeks left before Christmas! What better way to start off a new month than to win you some money?!? For those last minute gift ideas. For a gift for yourself. I'm sure you can think of a great way to spend $225!!!

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