11 December 2014

Keeping In Touch Over The Holidays

Family is a huge part of the holiday season, and unfortunately for us, the majority of our family lives in other provinces. This means, we typically don't see them over the Christmas holidays. Between the distance among us and my job including shift work (meaning working over Christmas), planning a gathering with many family members can be difficult. So, we rely on other ways to keep in touch over the holidays.

For the past few years, we have used FaceTime to talk with loved ones over the holidays. The face to face part of it makes it seem like they are a little less far away and that way they can share some fun experiences, like seeing each other open presents and essentially "being together" while actually being far away

There is also the good old fashioned phone call to spread the holiday cheer. Calling family and friends over the holidays, to say a quick "Merry Christmas" is the perfect way to keep in touch with those who haven't picked up on all the techie gadgets! Between e-mails and texting, I feel like phone calls are few and far between these days, so picking up the phone at Christmas time is perfect!

We do a lot of texting in our house too, so we are able to text quick words to loved ones and send them holiday greetings along with some photos snapped on Christmas morning and throughout the day. I know they are much appreciated by those who live far away or who aren't able to be there with us on Christmas morning to celebrate.

Every year, we make an effort to send out our family holiday cards. I like to try to get them out early December (that doesn't always happen though). And because many of our card recipients live many miles away, I like to send a little hand written message with each one on our personalized notepads, making it that much more special. And, with so many cards to send out, using my Tiny Prints personalized address stamp makes sending out our cards so simple. Not only does it save me time, but it looks so chic on the front of the envelope!  I know how much I love receiving mail so I put forth the effort to make the mail I send special, filled with holiday cheer!

The holiday season is meant to be spent with family and these are the ways we stay close with our family, near and far, throughout the holidays.

Do you have family that lives far away?
What are some ways you keep in touch over the holidays? 

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