11 September 2014

Oh, Hey Friday {6}

Hey guys, its Friday (in reality, this means nothing to me...shift work will do that to you...), but, I'm linking up with Karli//September Farm and Amy//The Farmer's Wife for Oh, Hey Friday.

| one |  Palmer seriously amazes me more and more everyday. She is definitely hitting the stage where her brain is just soaking in every ounce of everything around her. We were playing with her toy food this evening and it really dawned on me how much her vocabulary has really begun to explode. "peeza" (pizza),  "o-age" (orange),   We went to Rhyme Time at the library this morning, and she blew my mind away; she was following the actions and dancing around. I wanted to capture a video so badly, but didn't want to miss out on the moment that was right in front of me.

This is "out came the sun" during itsy-bitsy spider!
| two | I had a super productive afternoon today while Palmer was napping. I was able to make 2 lasagnas, a batch of slow cooker chili, and 2 dozen muffins. With Fall just around the corner, chili is always a must (besides the fact that its a quick, easy after work meal; its also delicious!!!)

| three | I have my 10km race on Saturday. I will be the first to admit, I am not prepared. I have a number in mind of the time I want to get, but part of me thinks it is unrealistic while the other part of me think that the race adrenaline will carry me though. I guess, the only thing I can do now is upload some new tunes and hope for the best!
| four |  I know I have been saying it for awhile now, but I am actually getting ready to start on my gallery wall. The hardest part about it is figuring out which pictures I want to put in it. I have an idea of how I want to arrange it and what I want to do with it, but choosing the photos will be a challenge. We have had so many great ones of Mitch and I over the years, and so many great ones with Palmer in the last 20 months. I am hoping to narrow down the photos before the weekend is over.
| five |  I was disappointed to find out I didn't win the Slouch Headwear giveaway over at Tawnya's blog, so now I think I may need to find one for Palmer. They are super cute hats; I think Palmer needs one to go along with her wicked faux-leather jacket. I need to track down some new Fall boots too, partially because girlfriend needs some cute boots, and because girl is growing out of all her shoes so fast. 
boots |

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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