9 September 2014

Life Lessons of a Nurse

Considering the amount of time I am anticipating being in the work force, I have only been in my career a very short time. However, in these 4 short years of nursing, I have learned many things.

I've learned there are people that will drive you crazy and piss you off, but I have learned to be pleasant and professional (I can't say the words I want to, doesn't mean I can't think them.)  I have learned that people can be rude and ignorant, for what seems like unnecessarily, yet on the inside they are probably distressed and not understanding whats happening.

I have learned to trust my gut; if something doesn't seem right, chances are its not. Things can change in the blink of an eye. I have learned that you need to be ready for anything yet no matter how many times you hear the code bell go off, adrenaline still rushes through your body and you get overrun with nervousness.

I have learned the importance of taking care of yourself. I see the ill-effects of not caring, and its horrible.
Diseases are ugly.

I have learned to be timely; get work done early on because you never know what may come up throughout your shift. I have learned time management is key to productivity.

I have learned people really do go crazy on a full moon.

I learned that there are days when 8 hours feels like an eternity. There are times you will feel like there should be something more you could have done; like you missed something. There are days you will cry with frustration; for your patient, about your patient, for working short-staffed yet again.  There are days you will feel under appreciated. Yet, I wouldn't change my career for anything.

I have learned the value of one more visit.
The art of patience.
I've witnessed strength at its finest. Physical, mental, emotional.

I have learned what miracles are.
I have learned peace and grace.

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