1 September 2014

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// thinking about // how this week, life will be getting back to our normal routines. Over the past couple weeks, we have been all out of sorts. We have a rental property that we were working on getting all fixed up for our new tenants; this took up a lot of our spare time (aside from our real jobs). Now that the new tenants have moved in, we don't have to worry about it anymore, which is such a relief and makes our days relatively stress free again.

// excited about // September. Odd, right? For some reason, the coming of fall always makes me feel like things will be "back to normal;" like life is back to the usual, every day stuff. Nothing unexpected. Nothing out of the norm. Back to daily routines, normal life type of days. And, I love the fall items that start to come out; the candles and scents of BBW, the fall decor (this year I am going to attempt a wreath for the front door), the beautiful fall scenery. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but I love moving on too.

// thinking about // a race I have signed up for on September 13. I had planned to sign up for it all summer, and am kind of stressing out about it now because I haven't ran in quite some time. I signed myself up for the 10km race, which I have never done in a race before. But, I am confident that I can finish it in a time I will be happy with. I just have to plan to get out a few times before then.

// thankful for // my amazing work family. Working full time is hard sometimes when you just want to be at home spending time with your family, but working with a great group of people makes all the difference in the world. I have to say, the groups of people I get to work with make going to work so much better. There is such a sense of family and teamwork among us. Everyone is there to help each other when needed and we pull together and often times, I am so impressed with what we do; I really don't think there is any other profession that is like nursing. Having a second family like this (who I often see more than my real family) is amazing, and I am so grateful I get to work with these people. Thank you, 4A family.

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