21 September 2014

20 Month's: Palmer's Life

We are just 4 short months away from Palmer turning 2. Just 4 short months away from her being one year older.

These days are so fun (and frustrating at times, but mostly fun). Palmer is developing into such an independent little girl. I'm having mixed emotions about this. I'm so happy that she is becoming so smart and strong and independent. But I'm saddened that some of the things she depended on us for before, she doesn't anymore. Our little baby is growing up, far too quickly.

Palmer amazes me everyday. Everyday there is something new. Everyday she shows us just how smart she is.

Palmer's language skills are starting to boom; speaking words we didn't know she knew. Her vocabulary is exploding more and more with every new word she hears. It doesn't take much for her to remember things anymore either. I put this flower clip in her hair and told her it was pretty. Then all day while she was wearing it, she would point to it and say "pwee, pwee." (pretty pretty)

Palmer can point to her eyes, ears, nose, teeth, hair, hands, and feet and tell you what each one is.
She knows many animal sounds and will find her toy animal that matches.

She will say "peeze" and "doot doo" (please and thank you).

We are working on potty training. Palmer knows when she goes and will tell you after the fact, so this weekend, we have been working on making it to the potty before it happens. We are having some success (ever with a poo in the potty! - I hear this is the difficult part!) Mitch and I were eating and I heard her go into the bathroom and say "pee" so I bolted up to help her, and sure enough, she had to poo. I'm thinking she is ready (according to what I've read, she has hit many of the points like waking up dry from a nap, knowing when she goes, etc etc.), now its just a matter of putting in the work for it and keeping up with it. (so if anyone has any tips and tricks for potty training a girl, I'm all ears!)

Palmer is starting to be a big help around the house. She will help to clean up her toys and books when asked. She will go get a towel and clean up her spill. She likes to push the broom around to sweep. She loves helping me put clothes into the dryer and will help me empty the cutlery from the dishwasher. But most of all, she is the best helper at making a mess!

Palmer, these past 20 months have been a rollercoaster ride of new adventures. Although the time seems to be going at warp speed, I don't remember what life was like without you. You are the sweetest little girl and we can't wait to see what you can do next!!!

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