24 September 2014

It's The Little Things: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes (+ a Giveaway)

Shoes. Boots. Sandals. Doesn't matter.
Girlfriend love herself a pair of anything.
Palmer has recently fallen in love with wearing boots (I think it's because she can get them on herself.)

It's the cutest thing; I tell her to go find herself a pair of shoes, and every time, she comes back with a different pair. Sometimes its her rubber boots; those tacky yellow galoshes that don't match with anything.

Other times it's her light up sneakers.
Then sometimes, her leopard print Fall boots.

Girlfriend loves picking out her shoes.

Yesterday, we headed out in 28 degree weather (us Canadians know that's HOT for September), and of course, Palmer picked out her faux-fur lined boots. What? (I brought along a pair of sneakers just in case.)

It's amazingly cute though, watching her pick out her shoes for the day. Deciding which ones she wants. Making her big-girl decisions. And girlfriend knows what she wants. She gets her mind set on a pair and there is no changing it. Like I've said before, not a battle I care to fight.

 I must admit though, she's got some great shoes to choose from!

Speaking of shoes....

There is nothing quite like giveaway day.
Free cash, up for grabs, is always a plus in my book.

Seeing as how it is officially fall now...
that could buy you a super cute pair of boots.
Or, a few darling scarves.
How about a couple new tops?

I'm sure you could find plenty of ways to use it up quick.

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