14 September 2014

The Race That Changes Your Mind

Yesterday I ran my first 10km race. 

I went into it so unprepared, literally not running for weeks before. Bad idea, I know. I'm definitely feeling the after effects of it now. The sore, tight muscles. Aches and pains everywhere.  The inability to get out of bed or stand up from the toilet.

But, I had a goal in mind going into this race. I know I have ran 10km in 57:30 before, so I set a goal for myself of 57 minutes (I knew the race adrenaline would push me through) and not stopping to walk.

I have to say, I am so proud of myself for basically getting both goals! I ran the entire time. I didn't even feel like I needed to stop and walk. I was telling myself in my head as I was driving to the race, "don't walk, just run. Don't walk, just run" and I guess it worked!  

And these girls too - These girls gave me the motivation to sign up for the 10km, to run the 10km, and their support is amazing. These girls are all amazing runners!! Tawnya, Kaella, Lindsay, Becky, Danielle, Nicole, and Leighann. These girls are honestly such a great group; I'm so lucky they invite me along! :)

I started out strong, but I knew going into the first 2km that I needed to pace myself to keep it at a mark I'm comfortable with or I will run out of steam long before the end. I was able to keep around the 5:45-5:50 pace for most of the middle km's which was a decent pace to keep at. 

I noticed I was running alone for most of the race. I saw people quite a washes I front of me, and obviously knew there were people behind me, but it wasn't too often that I passed or was passed by anyone. 

Once I saw the 6km marker, I knew I could finish strong. I pushed through to 8km and picked up the pace a bit. 

Once I saw the finish line, I picked up the speed. I mean, I am naturally a sprinter, and I felt like I was running so much faster than that. I felt like if I ran any faster, I would actually fall over. I had sights of a girl in front of me and knew I could beat her to the end. I turned up the wheels and booted it across the line, leaving the other girl behind; finishing with a time of 57:20 which was a PR for me! I didn't realize it until I looked back through my running app to see! 

I could hear my friend Tawnya cheering me on as I crossed the line and I knew Palmer and my mom were waiting there to see me cross. That was part of what gave me motivation; knowing Palmer was there waiting for me. 

I had to adjust my time and distance on here - my app was counting km's as being further than what they were, plus, I forgot to turn it off at the finish line. 
My official numbers:
Chiptime - 57:20.60
Pace - 5:44/km
Category Place - 9/20 (among 20-29F)
Gender Place - 29/83 (among all women racing 10km)
Overall Place - 54/115 (all people racing 10km)

This race, to me, proved that I can do whatever I think I can. 

This race was the moment I realized I actually love running. 

This race will be the one that was the turning point for me.  I'd love to race more. There is something about it that is just so exciting. The competition with yourself to get a PR. The competition you have in your head with the other runners (although they have no idea they are racing against you.) a the pushing hard at the end to run as fast as you can across the finish line. The excitement of knowing that your family and friends at there, cheering you on and waiting to see you. The proud feeling you get when you accomplish up the race; your goals. 

For my first 10km chip timed race, this was the perfect course. Only one downhill part and nothing up hill! I will definitely be participating in this race again next year!

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