23 September 2014

Gallery Wall: Many Months In The Making

I had known for awhile now that I wanted to do some kind of gallery wall on the big, empty wall in the living room. It was just so bare; something was definitely missing from it. I figured a gallery wall was the perfect solution, especially since there were so many photos I wanted to display. And this way, it is easy to switch pictures out as my favorites change!

We started with arranging the photos on the floor, over and over and over again. It was difficult to find a random pattern that worked with the frames we had; one that looked balanced. 

Once we found a pattern we liked, we found the appropriate height on the wall, and started with the middle photo first, and worked our way around. I know there are "better" ways to do this, but this is what worked for us. I have seen people make the same shapes out of paper and hang those on the wall first. But this was worked great for us!

And there you have it. Our gallery wall. 

I kept all the photos black and white, then used accents of blue to make things pop. 

Now, I just want to find a table to makeover to fit underneath of it, like a sofa table, then I think this wall will be complete. 

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