3 August 2014

Our First Baby

Sometimes in the chaos that is my mama/wife/nurse life, I fail to make time for our first baby, 5 year old Black Lab, Leaf.  Leaf is our handsome, gentle giant. At 110 lbs, he is often intimidating to those who don't know him, but he really is a big ball of love. All he wants to do it play and gets beyond excited when it's time for a walk or bike ride. 
He is so good with Palmer, and she adores him. She is a big helper in feeding Leaf. She will fill up his dish full of food, and carefully carry it outside for him. Then she will proceed to feed him kibbles one by one, or pick up handfuls of kibble and throw them all over the deck, watching him carefully as he chases after each piece. 
She will sit down in the grass beside him, just watching him chew his bone. She will run around the yard gathering up all his toys/balls/bones and lay them around him. She thinks its hilarious to watch him play fetch or slurp up the water from her swimming pool. And she especially loves going for rides on his back (more like me holding her above his back while running around the yard).
Leaf really is a big gentle giant. I don't think he would hurt a fly. 
I often feel guilty that he doesn't get as much attention as he use to but it is getting much easier as Palmer gets older and is able to play with him too. I have also made a point of trying to spend "alone" time with Leaf. So, anytime I go for a run, he comes with me. I am beginning to see that it is equally as important for Leaf to have time for just him and I or him and Mitch. 

When Palmer came along, time spent with Leaf lessened. I had hoped it wouldn't, but it did. Summer has been the best medicine for this. Being able to spend days outside, going for plenty of walks and bike rides, going for runs, and swimming in the pond. Leaf loves all these things. But mostly, I think he loves spending the time with his family.
So, this post is dedicated to my favorite dog, Leaf. 


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