8 August 2014

Oh Hey, Friday {5}

Another week has come and gone; good news for me is after this horrid long stretch of 6 nights at work which ends Sunday, I get a whole glorious week off to spend with my family. So unlike everyone else, Monday morning cannot come soon enough!!! 

Now, on to my 5 for the week.

One | I cannot believe how big Palmer seems to be getting! I am certain she grows 2 inches and 2 lbs over night. As I left for work Thursday night, I snapped this photo of my sweet, not-so-baby girl.
I mean seriously, how big does she look here? Practically filling up the length if her crib!!! *tear*

Two | Palmer and I met up with my friend Cora and her girls for an impromptu photo shoot the other day. She was able to capture some really great pics of Palmer and I. Palmer and I don't get a lot of pictures together as I am usually the one taking the picture. We will definitely have to get some family photos done soon and I have kinda asked my friend Tawnya, who is also a great photographer, to do them. She takes amazing photos. Go check her out. 

Three |  I've not been running too much over the past couple weeks. In fact, I don't remember the last time. Oops. I'm planning on doing a 10km race in September though, so I need to start again soon! My poor excuse is that I find it hard to run when I'm working nights. Anyone know of a good 4 week 10km running plan?? 

Four | I've never talked about this on the blog before, but I use to play soccer. I played for many many years starting when I was young. I continued to play through junior high, played in the Saskatchewan Summer Games winning gold, and on through high school, playing on a variety of different teams (school, rec, provincial, etc). I then went on to play in University. However, after my second year, I made the difficult decision to give it up. Playing at the University level was hard. Very time consuming. We practiced 4 days a week with games every weekend and did a lot of traveling to other schools. I started to see my schooling suffer and knew I had to choose. It has now been 9, almost 10 years, since I've played and I miss it. I'm thinking about getting back into it. Nothing super serious. All fun. A friend of mine told me if I ever wanted to play, she would try to hook me up on their team! I may just take her up on it! 

Five | Our little Palmer has turned into quite the little jibber-jabberer (I know, not a word). She is always telling us stories of some kind. 98% of the time we can't understand a word she says, but it's cute nonetheless. Check out my latest video on Instagram (@alyciapalmer). Your heart will smile for sure!!! 

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ALSO, a sneak peek of my guest post on a Peek Into My Paradise, going live Tuesday. DIY Canvas Art
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