12 August 2014

This Girl of Ours

Palmer is turning into just the sweetest little girl.

This sweet girl loves to give out hugs

Palmer will hug all the kids at the day home (often times more than once) before we can finally leave out the door, and even then, she will stand outside the door and wave bye-bye and smile.

She will hug Mitch every day when he comes home from work and gives him kisses. Her kisses are the cutest little thing. She will press her lips to yours and say mmmmmaah Or she will blow kisses by putting her hand to her mouth and making the mmmmmaah noise.

We get hugs every night before bed. And as I'm laying her down in her bed for the night, I say I love you, Palmer and she gives me a little extra squeeze, as though to say I love you, mama.

But, this morning was the sweetest hug yet. I was extra tired this morning and just wanted a few extra minutes or two, or thirty, of shut eye after being up until 2am trying to flip back off nights. So, when Palmer woke at 7:30 I brought her in the bed with me and turned Bubble Guppies on the iPad. I laid my head back down on the pillow and closed my eyes. To my surprise Palmer wasn't interested in the iPad. Instead, she wrapped her arm around my neck and laid there beside me with her head across from mine on the pillow, looking in my eyes. At that moment, we both smiled. We just laid there smiling. It was one of those little moments that makes your heart melt; when you realize just how lucky you really are. In that moment, I didn't care how tired I was and that my eyes were burning with sleepiness. In that moment, I thought of nothing but how amazing this little girl of mine really is and that she is ours. This amazingly wonderful little girl is ours.
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