25 August 2014

Whitefish Photo Overload!

The weekend before last, Mitch, Palmer and I went down to Whitefish. I was excited about going for a few reasons. First, we hadn't really gone anywhere all summer so I was in desperate need of a little getaway. Second, Whitefish is one of my favorite places to go. There is just something about the crisp mountain air and the beautiful scenery that I just love.

We left early Friday morning. We were able to take the Going To The Sun Road this time. I had never taken it before (it is only open certain times of the year as it is not safe to drive on in the winter due to its narrow, windy roads and steep mountain side edges). It was stunning. The views were just amazing. You climb to the top of the mountain, and you can see the river in the valley, glaciers beside you, waterfalls of ice cold glacier water.

We stayed at this cute little farm cabin just outside Whitefish. It was 20 acres of land with a farmhouse and a guest house (which we stayed in) along with farm animals running free. Palmer absolutely loved it. She made a new friend in the kitten, Rascal. She adored their dog, Cooper. She was amazed by the horses. When they were in their barn, she would walk up to each window and pet the horses nose and say "naaaayy." 
 There were chickens that laid fresh eggs everyday (which we ate). There was a garden to pick vegetables from. It was like no where I have ever stayed before. It was a special little place to stay; refreshing to be in the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of real life. Mitch and I enjoyed the evenings sitting on the deck of the cabin, listening to nothing but the wild and great conversation between one another.

Looking for the chickens

Touching the glacier water

It was a great weekend spent with my favorite people.
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