4 August 2014

Currently {3}


// thankful for //  this blog. Remember when I told you my computer crashed and I thought I lost all my files? Then how I told you that I didn't lose much? Well, I was looking back through, and realized I hadn't saved any of our photos from July-December 2013 onto my external hard drive. My heart just sank. Luckily, I had saved many of the best photos here on this blog, so I spent part of the morning browsing through old blog posts and saving all the photos. I made sure this time, they were on the hard drive.

// thankful for // social media. Referring back up to the first point and losing my photos. I'm lucky that I have instagram and facebook and have been sharing my photos on there.

// thinking about // how we are going to spend our afternoon. This is a rare weekday off that both Mitchell and I have together, so we are going to be heading out to the Raymond pool this afternoon for some swimming! This is on my summer bucket list - it'll be the first time that any of the 3 of us have been there.

// feeling //  the effects of our bike ride yesterday. Mitch got a new bike last week and we went out for our first bike ride as a family last evening. We went down this big hill, to the bottom of Paradise Canyon. Now, getting down was the easy part (obviously). Getting back up was challenging to say the least. Mitch got off lucky and just had to worry about the dog running beside him. I on the other hand, had to worry about getting myself and the bike trailer (with a 25lb child in it) back to the top. I'm proud to say, I pedaled most of the way up, only having to stop to walk twice. I was dripping sweat when I got to the top though!

it's a long, steep hill to the top!

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