6 January 2015

Warming Up: It's the Little Things

I am so beyond excited to have the opportunity to work alongside Jess for her Little Things Link-Up! This has always been one of my favorite link-ups to join. I love this link-up because it really makes me see the best things in life; the little things that make me smile everyday. So, having the chance to co-host with Jess, I was jumping all over that!  And, if you haven't checked her out yet, you must! She has the cutest little daughter, Sadie, and Jess makes some killer headbands and hair accessories!!

Sadie Sky Boutique

This past week, we headed back home for Christmas holidays. My parents usually make the trip to our house as they are both retired and their schedules are wide open (for the most part.) But, this year, Mitch and I both had a stretch of time off so we loaded up the SUV and drove the 4 hours to Saskatchewan.

For a long time, Palmer was pretty cautious around my dad. I'm not sure if it was the moustache or just the fact that she didn't see him too often, but she seemed to be a little more careful around him.

This trip, she couldn't get enough Grandpa cuddles. They cuddled to watch TV or she showed him all about the iPad (because he really had no idea!) They played with her farm animals. He helped her with stickers. I know they both were loving it. It was great to see and I know he was so happy!

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