11 January 2015

Currently & Week's End Co-Host

THINKING ABOUT: Palmer turning two. In just ten short days, our sweet little baby girl will be two. Leaves me thinking how fast the time has gone; how quickly the past two years have just zipped by. Its hard to think back, remembering exactly how small she really was. Now, she is this rambunctious, full of energy little girl with a fiery personality. The once dependent little baby is now a learning-to-be independent toddler who fills our lives with so much excitement!

READING: Some really great posts in our Saturday Spotlight. I am so happy with how well it has gone already! I am finding some really great new blogs to read and that is what this link-up is all about; finding new blogger friends and building community. I am already having a hard time choosing a favorite post for next week and the link-up only started yesterday!!!

REFLECTING ON: Our gymnastics experience. Saturday marked the start of Palmer's first session of gymnastics. Let me tell you, it didn't really go as well as I thought. It was a VERY structured program, and at not quite two years old, Palmer following directions for 45 minutes didn't turn out well. She was clearly the youngest one there. Most of the other kids could follow the directions given to them. Palmer just wanted to run around and jump and play. They assured us that it gets easier. The program is very repetitive and said Palmer would likely pick it up very quickly. We will give it a couple more classes and see how she is doing.

BATTLING WITH: The terrible twos. No kidding you guys, Palmer has hit this stage of tantrums. Like, all afternoon. Today she woke from her nap and the moment I picked her up, it began. Kicking her legs, waving her arms, crying and screaming. For what? I truthfully cannot even tell you. I honestly can say, I have absolutely no idea what she was so upset about. I am crossing my fingers that it is just teeth (but I blame everything on teeth.) Hopefully it passes sooner rather than later, because today, I was at the end of my rope.

This week, I am joining Oak + Oats for the Week's End Link-Up! Be sure to join us with your best posts of the week, and when you are done here, head on over to the Saturday Spotlight Link-Up for your chance to be featured!

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