28 January 2015

DIY Sharpie Marker Mugs

Every year, there are those people in your life who are difficult to buy for. Or, the ones who you want to get something small for, just to recognize them in your life. These are PERFECT!
 (Note: I know this is being posted AFTER Christmas, but obviously, I didn't want the recipients to see their gifts).

(Must be oil-based to make them dishwasher safe)
Ceramic mugs/bowls/plates/any thing you want to make
Letter stickers (should you choose)

Seriously, this project is super easy and relatively inexpensive.
I purchases the Sharpie markers at Michael's (with my 50% off coupon that I found online in store making the markers $14.00 for 6) and the stickers and mugs at the Dollar Store, making the price per mugs very low! (BONUS!)

I began by washing the mugs and drying them well. Then, I applied the stickers to the mug.

Then, its as easy as dabbing the marker in dots all around the letters and in any pattern you wish. 

Very easy. And I LOVE the way they turned out.

After you have your pattern painted on, remove the stickers. 

Now, you need to bake them. The secret here is to put the items in a cold oven and let them heat up with the oven so I put them in the oven, turned it on to 400 degrees and set the timer for 90 minutes. 

One thing I will warn you about is that the marker will change colours as it bakes. My red turned into more of a burgundy colour and my vibrant blue turned to a nice more teal colour. So, maybe testing out each colour first so you have a better idea of how they will turn out might be a good idea. 

I included in the mugs some tea and things to make it a little more personal.

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