1 November 2015

Our Halloween Weekend

Is it just me, or are the weeks going by faster and faster all the time? With Mitch away for work Monday to Friday, the weekends around here are extra special. This one was pretty fun.

Friday morning, Palmer was invited to a Halloween/birthday party by her day home lady. Because she isn't going there right now since I'm on maternity leave, she gets pretty excited to go see all the kids. So, of course we had to accept the invitation. All the kids were dressed up in their costumes, there was Halloween themed food and the cutest (and pretty delicious) white chocolate covered strawberry ghosts.
Friday also marked Charlie's one month birthday! WHAT?

We kept the afternoon pretty low key but excitement kicked into high gear when Daddy arrived home after being away all week. We kept things pretty low key for the rest of the evening and enjoyed all the cuddles.

Saturday morning was nice because the kids slept in until about 8! We made a big breakfast and lounged around for most of the morning.
 After lunch, Palmer and Charlie got their Halloween costumes on and we headed out to the mall for some trick-or-treating. Let me tell you, it was chaos. The lineups of people waiting to get candy was unbelievable! I have never in my life seen so many people in the mall before! But, Palmer loved every single minute of it. When she got that first piece of candy, the smile on her face was priceless. Made the horrible lineups all worth it.
She had been telling us for over a month she wanted to be a pirate for Halloween, so I made this costume from stuff we had and a few dollar store buys (less than $5!) 

She's a Polar Bear, if you couldn't tell! haha
After the mall, we stopped by Mitchell's parents house to do her trick-or-treating there, and get to a few of the neighbors there before heading home to our neighborhood for supper and more candy. I took Palmer out to a few houses while Mitch cooked supper. After supper, I handed out the candy at our house while Mitch and Palmer went out for more. Mitch said Palmer asked him if they could run to the next house, then the next house and the next one. And at one point, she asked him to hold her hand. Of course he said yes, and that he liked holding her hand. She replied with "me too. It's nice. I love you daddy, you're my best friend." I know it's hard on everyone when Mitch is away during the week, so moments like this are so special for the two of them to share.

Palmer came home with far too much candy for a 2 year old, so obviously Mitch and I have been helping her eat it! :)

Sunday was a pretty laid back day. I think we all were in our PJ's until 2pm. We were just detoxing from our candy overdoses from the day before, and taking in all the time we could as a family before the work week started again. Palmer must have been pretty worn out from the weekend because she fell asleep around 7:30 (which she NEVER does). 


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