23 November 2015

Our Weekend

We live for the weekends around here. That is when Mitch comes home and things are normal for a couple of days. This past weekend, we decided to meet in Calgary and do some fun things around there.

The girls and I left around noon and stopped at this really great Christmas market on the south end of Calgary. It was huge and had so many vendors! Palmer's favorite part was seeing Santa's reindeer! We had to go back and see them twice before we left. The weather was okay, but a little cool, so we only stayed about an hour before taking off. Lucky for us, some lady handed us a free gate admission as we were walking in!

We stopped at the mall for a bit before we took off to my sister-in-laws salon to meet Mitch. The mall had a Disney store and Palmer was going nuts!! "Mom, look at this one." "wow, mommy, look!" And she loved the magic mirror. 

Friday night, we kept it pretty low key and hung around the condo.

Saturday we were up early to pick up Mitchell's dad and nanny at the airport then headed up to Cross Iron Mills mall to do some looking around. Then, was the part I was looking forward to most. The Zoo!

We had never taken Palmer to the zoo before, so I was excited to see her reaction to all the animals. Some of the animals weren't out and some of the exhibits were closed for the winter, but there was still plenty to see and I think she really loved it. 

We planned the Science Centre for Sunday, and Palmer really loved that too. I had always thought the Science Centre was geared more for older kids and adults, but there are a lot of really great activities for young kids too. It was a great end to our mini weekend getaway!

Our weekend ended with Charlie sleeping from 11pm to 5:40am this morning! WHOOP WHOOP! 

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