13 November 2015

My Friday Five

Is it just me, or are these weeks flying by? Can you believe it's the middle of November already?  Another Friday is here, so I figured I'd share another 5 Friday things.

One: we had the first snowfall of the year this week and Palmer loved it! We had to get out and play in the snow a few times during the week.

Two: Charlie turned 6 weeks on Wednesday! What? She had her 6 week check yesterday and she has nearly doubled her birth weight, weighing in at 10lbs exactly (47th percentile) and measuring 20.5 inches (up from18 3/4 at birth; she's in the 4.7th percentile now)

Three: I started back at the gym this week and even snuck in a run before the snow flew! It feels great to be back at it, and it's nice to have the hour for myself!

Four: we had a few family photos taken on Sunday while my brother was here. Mitch doesn't love having his pictures done so I'm glad he was willing, because there are a couple really great ones of humans the girls! 

Five: Snapchat is quickly become one of my favorite forms of social media! I love that it's real, and usually hilarious! You can find me at crazilynormal. Leave me your snapchat name so I can follow along!!! 

Happy weekend, everyone!!

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