18 November 2015

Christmas Cards With Tiny Prints

One of my favorite parts about getting ready for the holidays is choosing and sending out Christmas cards. Every year, we choose the outfits, choose the setting and have our family photos done. I love it. My husband would tell you otherwise, but the photos always turn out great. Then is the actual fun part; choosing the cards to match with the photos. 

The last several years we have used Tiny Prints to make our Christmas cards, and this year is no different (See our 2014 cards here). There are always so many beautiful cards to choose from that I have a really hard time deciding and Tiny Prints products have always turned out really amazing for us. This year, Tiny Prints offers some really great options including Foil-Stamp, Laser-Cut, Letterpress, and their new Glitter options (which we chose and love!)
After browsing, personalizing and comparing many cards, we went with the Simply Glittering card with silver glitter and I couldn't be happier! The neutral background of the card paired perfectly with the colors of our family photo. The card is gorgeous. 

This year, we decided to try out the envelope liners as well. It is an extra for the cards but I love that it gives the envelope a pop fun of color.

Last year, we got our personalized address stamp from Tiny Prints, making addressing and labeling the envelopes a breeze and so fun!

I have always loved making holiday cards because you can really add that personal touch and make it different than the typical holiday card. Tiny Prints makes the process so easy and stress free. The only stress you will have is choosing from all their really great designs. Tiny Prints for the win!

**Disclaimer: Tiny Prints provided me with product in exchange for my post. Opinions are 100% mine.

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