29 October 2015

My Friday Things

How is it that yet ANOTHER week has come and gone? And how is it our baby is a month old already? The days fly by faster than ever before. 

ONE: Over Thanksgiving weekend (yes, that was 3 weeks ago), we went down to Whitefish, as per usual. Charlie girl was only 9 days old when we went so we kept things pretty low key, but there is a great pumpkin patch/petting zoo close by that I knew Palmer would love. They have this giant pillow bouncy thing and Palmer had the best time on it. To hear her giggle and see her laugh like that was priceless.

TWO: These two girls seriously melt my heart. We have adjusted fairly well to our new norm. Palmer can't seem to get enough of little sister Charlie. And I must admit, I can't either!

THREE: About a month before Charlie was born, I won an Instagram giveaway for a Slouch Headwear newborn beanie and I absolutely love it. I chose the striped salmon color and it is perfect. The material is so soft and fits a baby head nicely for Fall.

FOUR: This week, Palmer and I got our flu shots. I didn't tell her about it before we went or I knew there would be a meltdown when we got there, because ironically, before we went, she was playing doctor and had to give me a "shot" and told me all about how much it would hurt. So, before we went, we stopped by the candy store to choose a treat. We had the option of doing the nasal spray for kids or a shot, and I know she would have hated the nasal mist even more so I opted for the needle. Girlfriend was a trooper and cried for about 3 seconds before she asked for her jelly beans and said "These will make me feel better."

FIVE: Can I also just mention, afternoons like this are the best, even if they are sleeping simultaneously for only 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes are a mamas heaven after chaotic mornings!

Happy Halloween weekend everyone. Be sure to check out my Instagram for our Halloween costume updates!!

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