8 October 2015

My Friday Thoughts

It's been a week since I've done up a post, but I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. Adjusting to life with two little ones is making these days just fly by. I cannot even believe little Charlie is 9 days old on Friday. We seem to have all transitioned well into our new roles and life is good.

One of my best friends, Tawnya, came over on Tuesday and took some sleepy newborn photos of Charlie and Palmer. I am in love. These photos are just the sweetest and I can't wait to see the rest. Tawnya is seriously talented and takes gorgeous photos!

We have been doing a lot of cuddling this week. Settling in and cuddles. All week. Palmer has been asking me to cuddle all the time and I love it. I'm sure sharing mom and dad with a new little being can't be easy for her, but she is adjusting so well. She is the best big sister ever. Giving lots of hugs and kisses to Charlie. She really is so sweet. I have been trying to make a point of making sure she knows just because there is a new baby, things didn't change the way we feel about her. I've been trying to still spend some alone time with her too. It's not always easy with a newborn whose feeding schedule isn't a schedule yet though.

And lots of hand-holding with my biggest little. 

I have been feeling all kinds of Fall up in here! I am loving the color of this sweater (similar) from Old Navy (P.S. can I say Old Navy is totally killing it in the Fall clothing department! I swear our whole family is wearing Old Navy all day, every day!) And I enjoyed my first Chai Tea Latte in a long while. The perfect Fall drink!

And of course, Little Charlie got some new Fall clothes too. She can't be wearing only hand-me-downs from her big sister! 

But, that's all for tonight. My biggest little is beckoning me for some cuddles. I can't say no to more cuddles!  Happy weekend everyone. And to all my Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving! 

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