12 February 2016

That Friday Post

I'm not sure what happened to this week, but its Friday already??? We spent last weekend in Edmonton (5 hours away) and Monday was spent driving home. Tuesday we had a couple things to do, Wednesday was filled with house cleaning and grocery shopping, Thursday another appointment and a Donut Run, and then there was Friday! Here are a few things from our week:

1. Palmer refuses to go down for naps anymore, so I battle the struggle daily between late, unplanned naps and late bed, or no naps and a cranky toddler around supper time. I know you mamas feel me on this one.  When she does nap, it is always at the most inconvenient times or when we are in the car. This time happened to me just minutes before pulling in to the grocery store parking lot! Seriously. I let her sleep just a few minutes before I attempted this transfer. I did happen to make it through the whole store with her sleeping.

2. While we were in Edmonton visiting Mitch, we spend a couple hours at the West Edmonton Mall. Lucky for us, we went on a day when Galaxyland was booked out for a private function and it happened to be free everything (rides, games, etc) until noon. We managed to enjoy a few free rides. It was just enough to keep Palmer entertained for a bit (before a major mall meltdown, again). She even went on a big ride alone, and she loved it!

3. I have been trying to get Charlie to nap in her crib, mostly in the afternoon, and its been a struggle. She sleeps so well at night, but during the day, I'm lucky to get 45 mins from her. I figure, her sleeping in the crib would get her sleeping a little longer stretches, and give me some real alone time with Palmer. But, so far, its not going so well.

4. I got a Fit Bit for Christmas and I really like it. One of the things I like best about is the challenges.  You invite friends to daily or weekly challenges, seeing who can get the most steps in the predetermined amount of time. I have yet to win, but it's fun to see how everyone does through the week. Do you have a Fit Bit? Lets be friends!!!

5. I have a really great group of friends. Every week, we get together to binge eat and watch Bachelor, all while getting in many laughs and catching up. Its something I look forward to every week. Yesterday, we all got together for a Donut Dash - a 2.5km run with donut stops. Who could say no to that?? Whats better than running with your best ladies and getting donuts???

Happy weekend, everyone! 

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