29 February 2016

Charlie Dawn: 5 Months

Length - approx 27?  inches
Weight - unsure, maybe 15 pounds? (next check is at 6 months) 

SLEEP: We were getting great sleep up until about 10 days ago. Charlie use to sleep through the night (8pm-8am) and napped 3 times a day, but I fear we hit the 4 month sleep regression (and she would technically be at the 4 month mark a week ago because she was born at 36 weeks). We have gone from having the most wonderful sleeper to fighting naps like no other and waking 2-4 times a night. I am really, REALLY hoping this is just a quick phase and she goes back to being the perfect little sleeper she once was. I've been reading up on this sleep regression though, and it can apparently last months. We never went through this with Palmer, so this is all new to us! 
Note: after I wrote this, girlfriend had a fabulous 3 hour afternoon nap! 

SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT: Lots of new things are happening around here. Charlie is starting to move more now. 
- She uses her arms strength to pull herself while pushing with her legs to move ever so slightly along the floor.  

- She has found her feet, and is loving them! Whenever she's not wearing socks, she's grabbing for her feet.

 - She is laughing a lot more and its the sweetest little sound.

- She is playing with toys, reaching her hands out to get them, or pushing the buttons on them while sitting in her high chair. 

- She is so much more aware of everything going on around her. She turns when you say her name. She watches very closely to everything going on, especially if Palmer is doing it. 

BIG SISTER: Palmer is more than I could have ever asked for in a big sister. She is so incredibly helpful. She loves to help pick out clothes for Charlie. She is forever singing to her and trying to settle her when she is upset. And, the way Charlie looks at Palmer; I melt. Seriously, the bond they have formed already is amazing to watch. Charlie looks at Palmer with so much curiously and intent, and Palmer loves it, and says, "Mom, I'm making Charlie smile," and you can tell it truly makes Palmer so happy.

MY THOUGHTS: Just like every month, I am falling in love with our little family more and more every day. Charlie was the perfect addition and we couldn't be happier. I can't believe that 5 months have gone by already; that means I am almost half way back to going to work now!

Happiest 5 Months, Charlie girl.

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