1 February 2016

Charlie Dawn: 4 Months

Length - 24 inches
Weight - 13.5 lbs 

SLEEP: We are still getting plenty of sleep around this house, which is perfect for me! Charlie is still going to bed around 10pm and wakes anytime between 5 and 7 to feed, and will lay back down until around 8am. Naps on the other hand, are't as easy. I'd like to try to get her napping in her crib more but it seems like as soon as I put her down, she wakes up. I may try just setting up the playpen in the living room for her. 

SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT: She is really starting to "talk" more and the social smiles are non-stop! She is such a happy baby! Hardly fusses for much of anything, usually only if she is really hungry or overtired! 

Charlie is also starting to roll back to front and back.  

She is grabbing toys and putting them up to her mouth, and using her hands a lot (usually just to put them in her mouth). 

She still doesn't love tummy time, but we are getting much better at it. She can tolerate it for longer periods and is starting to put her bum up in the air, like she wants to take off crawling!

Charlie went swimming for the first time on her 4 month birthday, and she LOVED it! I figured she would, since she loves the bath so much too!

BIG SISTER: I cannot say enough good things about big sister, Palmer. She is so helpful and always trying to make Charlie laugh. She loves to cuddle with Charlie and she loves that Charlie is so much more interactive with her. She hugs Charlie all the time and truly loves her so much. 

MY THOUGHTS: We are so happy and so in love with our little family. Charlie is such a good baby, we really couldn't have asked for anything more.  We are thinking about starting her on some baby food soon (I can't believe we are there already!) so I am sure Palmer will LOVE that and want to help feed her! 

Happy (belated) four months, sweet Charlie girl.

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