25 February 2016

A Day In The Life: Life With Two Kids

Life as a stay at home mom (while I am on maternity leave from work) is very different than how we spend our days when I work (and only had one babe) (you can read it here), plus, I think its fun to get a glimpse in to our day to day lives. I went back and read my last day in the life post, and there are a lot of things that are very similar; I would have never thought.

Our days typically start pretty early with Palmer coming in to my room first thing. It looks something like this.

6:45am - Palmer came into my room, and, just like every morning, I tell her its too early and she cannot turn the TV on until the clock has a "7" at the start. I'm certain she lays there wide-eyed, staring at the clock until that six turns to a seven. 

7:02am - TV is on and we cuddle, while I am still half asleep, for awhile, until Charlie wakes.

7:54am - Charlie wakes up. I feed and change her while Palmer cries about needing breakfast "right now."

8:05am - Palmer debates what kind of cereal she wants while I get coffee. Always coffee. Palmer picks Cheerios, just like every day. While I get her cereal ready, she lets the dog outside. I browse my usual morning websites, and Palmer hurries to finish her cereal so she can have her juice (this is our new arrangement - always food first, then juice, otherwise the food doesn't get eaten!)

9:00am - We play. We read books. We play games that Palmer makes up, then tells me I am doing it wrong when I try to play along. 

9:45am - I attempt to get Charlie to nap. 

10:03am - She's finally napping. 

10:18am - I put the "let's get dressed" bug in Palmer's ear.

10:34am - She is still not dressed.

10:47am - Charlie woke up (from her not long enough nap). She plays while I struggle with Palmer for her to get dressed.

11:01am - We are finally getting somewhere. Between taking her pyjamas off and getting her clothes on, she had to stop for a dance party.

11:27am - All are dressed!!! More playing and dance party before attempting to get the kids out the door (for my own sanity).

12:06pm - We are leaving the house!

1:34pm - Get home from Costco. Unload our groceries, the girls play.

2:54pm - Head out for a run. Not only for exercise, but because I know the girls will both sleep. 30 minutes of me time.

3:40pm - Snacks.

4:00pm - I tidy up and start supper while Palmer and Charlie watch Paw Patrol (yes, even Charlie is in to it.)

5:30pm - We sit to eat supper. I'm certain Charlie has a sixth sense for meal time. It's like she knows exactly when I have food in front of me. So I hold her. Rock her. Try the soother. The swing. Nothing. So, I put her in the swing, turn the TV off (because I cannot hear the show anyways) and put some music on.

5:55pm - I finish my supper.

5:56pm - Charlie stops crying and falls asleep.

6:23pm - Charlie wakes up. We call Mitch before we start baths.

6:54pm - Baths start. Then jammies.

7:32pm - Smoothies. Palmer asks every night for smoothies. She knows that if she doesn't finish her supper, she doesn't get one. Today, she made a point of telling me every piece of food she ate. Today, supper wasn't difficult with Palmer, so she most definitely got a smoothie!

7:46pm - I send Palmer upstairs to start picking out books and brushing her teeth while I do some quick last minute tidying. 

7:51pm - We read stories. I tell her two, she brings seven. We negotiate, I cave. We read seven books.

8:10pm - The big kid is in bed.

8:15pm - The little kid is in bed. 

8:30pm - I throw in laundry, finish up some dishes, tidying up, watch some Netflix, and dog cuddles and plan to be sleeping within the hour!

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