1 December 2015

Charlie Dawn: 2 Months

Two months already...I can't even believe it. Part of me feels like she is still so brand new, but the other part of me can't even comprehend how 2 months has gone by so fast. 

Length - approx 21 inches
Weight - I'm guessing around 12 lbs. She weighed in at 10 lbs exactly on her 6 week check. Friday we have her 2 month immunizations and will know her weight then

SLEEP: Charlie is taking after her sister and has become a superstar sleeper!! 3 out of 4 nights, she is sleeping 7+ hours at night! Can you say happy mama???

Our typical day is we all wake up around 7:30. We eat and play until about 10 when Charlie has a nap. She sleeps on and off through most of the day until around 5 or 6. Then she's awake and alert for most of the evening until about 10:30 when I put her down for bed. On an average night, she sleeps until around 5:30. I put her back to bed until 7:30 when we all wake up again for the day! Pretty sweet if you ask me!!

I have started to notice more of a pattern now with Charlie as she is getting older and staying awake for longer periods of time during the day. It's nice to have a little more of a schedule so I have a little idea of what to expect each day!

SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT: Girlfriend can roll from front to back (for almost 3 weeks now). Her neck strength is awesome too, and can hold her head up for long periods of time.  When I am making supper, I will often sit her in the bumbo and she watches me cook. Her real smiles are more frequent now and its so sweet. She loves kisses. And this weekend, she had the best and longest smiles I've seen from her when she was playing with Daddy. It was so sweet!

FAVORITES: Charlie loves the bath. She would lay in there all day as long as the water was warm, I'm sure. She enjoys her swing (as Palmer did), and going for walks in the carrier. She mostly loves to be held and moving. She hates tummy time (as I think most babies do) but we are very conscientious of it because of dealing with Palmer's Positional Plagiocephaly and being sure to avoid it this time!

SISTER: Palmer has so much love for Charlie. It's so sweet. She has become the sweetest big sister ever. She always needs to make sure Charlie is ok. If she fusses for just a minute, Palmer is there checking up on her. She advises me when Charlie needs "baby milk" and will start singing to her if she is fussing for too long. The way her eyes light up when Charlie smiles at her could make my heart burst! 

MY THOUGHTS: Charlie has been a dream baby, much like Palmer was. We lucked out with two mellow, easy-going babies. Our transition to a family of four has been perfect, aside from the fact that Mitch is away for work every Monday to Friday. 

Happy TWO months, sweet Charlie. 

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