3 December 2015

Becoming a Big Sister

I had no doubt in my mind that when it was time to introduce a second baby into our family, Palmer would embrace it with open arms. We are now two months into Palmer being a big sister and every day just gets better and better.

From the time we told her there was a baby growing inside mommy's tummy, she was the best big sister. She would sing to the baby, give the baby kisses, and include baby in anything we were doing. "Mommy, can we go outside with Mommy and Daddy and Palmer and Leafy and the baby?"

I talked up her being Mommy's big helper when baby came and she has slid into that role with pride. She is so happy to help me with Charlie. Picking out her clothes. Giving her a bath. Even "helping" to change the diapers. 

That moment when my two babies met for the first time is something I will never forget. The joy and love already felt for baby Charlie by big sister Palmer was enough to make my heart burst. She was amazed by her baby sister and I know Charlie was amazed by her too.

Palmer simply adores baby "Charwee" and transitioned from the only child role into big sister seamlessly. I couldn't be more proud of Palmer. She has truly embraced every moment of becoming a big sister. With her coming up on turning 3, I know this was the perfect amount of time between our children and the perfect age for Palmer to be. 

Although she shows a lot of attention to her new baby sister, Palmer continued on with life as normal. But the love Palmer shows for Charlie radiates out of her. She wakes up in the morning, comes to my room, and asks where Charlie is. She loves her hard (sometimes a little too hard! haha), and is giving Charlie kisses all day long!

This love, I know, will carry on for her lifetime and form one of the best relationships the two of them will ever have. 

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